Discophilia (J-C Hoffelé)

Cd review: Jocelyn Aubrun and Aline Piboule play those unusual opuses with grace and make them sound like an evidence. Tone very free of the first one, the ample phrasings where the breath never appears, amber color which reminds that of René LeRoy, wide singing but which knows also how to make private conversations – the Sonata of Prokofiev proves it, never so finely detailed without we lose the line of singing, because it always finds the character exact.

MusicVoice (A. Bedetti)

Musicologie.org (J-M Warszawski)

A coherent program in the diversity of places, situations, musical circles of the composers, with great works of an intense musicality. (Cd review)

The flute view (Barbara Siesel)

They are exquisitely played by Jocelyn Aubrun and his excellent partner Aline Piboule. Aubrun plays with a beautiful, focused tone, outstanding accuracy, perfect articulation, and a clear love of the music he is performing. Aubrun is a lovely player, musical, and a perfect accompanist. They are a unified team, perfectly matched in style and interpretation.(Cd 1943 Review)

Tempo flute (Philippe François)

Jocelyn Aubrun and Aline Piboule do not have to prove their abilities anymore, they are obvious in this album of the highest interest.(cd review)

Discophilia (J-C Hoffelé)

Cd Review (Ravel/Slatkin):” …When appears at dawn Jocelyn Aubrun’s magic flute, with its aqueous medium, it is the veil of the dream that wraps the landscape, moment of pure magic.”

Leonard Slatkin Blog

“…With an amazing flute solo from Jocelyn Aubrun”

Backtrack (February, 2017)

We applaud hard Jocelyn Aubrun’s virtuosity, solo flute of the orchestra.


Traversière Magasine

Tempo Flûte

France catholique



L’Education musicale

La Marseillaise

Le Dauphiné libéré


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